If you are buying a new motocross pit bike and plan to convert it, no, it is more cost effective to by one ready to go.

If you are buying a used pit bike then you will need to take into account:

  • Supermoto wheels
  • Tyres
  • Crash bobbins
  • Catch tank
  • Adjustability of the forks
  • Heavier shock spring
  • Lower bars
  • Sprockets
  • Possibly new engine (if it has not been looked after)


If you add everything up ££, and take into account the time it will take to convert, you could potentially buy a used bike that has already been converted, or even a brand new bike for the same ££. It is all down to budget and time


First you need to set your budget. You can buy bikes for £800, you can buy bikes for £4000.

First of all you need to set yourself a realistic budget, and try to keep to it.


“Shiny bits won’t make you go any faster”


Once you have set your budget have a look round at the importer websites and decide what you need, some examples are as follows:




Mini Bikes come in different sizes and styles:

Just talking to people about it will not allow you to make the best decision for you. Come to one of the track days / race weekend and have a look at the bikes. Ask as member of the BMB team to show you around and have a look up close at the bikes.

CRF50 Style Frame – These are smaller, have shorter wheel base and so are quicker to turn in. They can however be a bit unstable.

CRF70 Style Frame – Taller than the CRF50 frame and with a longer wheel base. This is an ideal size for your first bike.

CRF110 Style  -Taller than the CRF70, but with a very similar wheel base. These are ideal for taller riders as they give more space, and are more like a full size bike, but they can be found to be slow to turn in.

KLX Style Frame – Similar to the CRF70

In the rights hands, any size frame of bike can be a race winner


“It’s not about the bike, it’s about the rider”


Arguably the most popular engine for senior pit bikes is the YX140. This is due to how cheap it is, approximately £250 for a new engine, how competitive the engines are in stock form and that you can race in several pit bike classes with the same engine.

Whether you are just starting out on a pit bike and doing track days, a YX140 is always a good engine to use. If you start racing:

In the seniors the 140 will still be competitive in the stock 160 class, but will need to invest in more engine to run with opens (up to 200cc0

In the juniors, it is dependent upon where you are starting out, and at what age. Contact the BMB team to get get some advice on the best class for you to start out in: info@britishminibikes.com



  • Pit Bike Stock 140
  • Pit Bike Stock 160
  • Pit Bike Open & CRF 150
  • Pit Bike Veterans
  • Mini GP 110
  • Mini GP 140
  • Junior Supermoto 140
  • Bambino

There are several Mini Bike friendly circuits around the UK.

Check out our Practice Tracks page is always being updated