Digital Riders Breifing



If absolutely necessary we may have to hold a physical briefing at some events but whilst trying to social distance and practice infection control procedures we will endeavour to cover anything additional to the online briefing over the circuits tannoy system.


If we feel a physical briefing is required there will be a paddock announcement notifying you of this.




* Riders will commence practice ONLY under the instructions of the Start Officials & Paddock Marshal.

* The duration of each practice session will commence from the time the pit lane opens and will finish (chequered flag) not less than 5 minutes later.

* The end of practice will be indicated by the waving of a chequered flag at which time the pit exit will be closed. A rider’s time will continue to be recorded until they pass the finish line after the allotted time has elapsed.

* If the practice is interrupted due to an incident or any other reason then a red flag will be displayed at the start line and at marshals posts. All riders must return slowly to the pit lane or as otherwise instructed by the Marshals under the direction of the Clerk of the Course.

* When the practice is restarted the time remaining will be decided by the Clerk of the Course & Race Direction.



* Where identical times are recorded by more than one rider in the official qualifying practice session for the race the riders 2nd fastest lap will be taken from each rider as a tie break.

* If for any reason a timed lap cannot be set during qualifying due to timing equipment failure the class session will be rerun in full after the other classes have qualified.

* In the event of a total malfunction in the timing system occurs before qualifying can be run, grid positions for the races will either be taken from the practice times set over the weekend or the current Championship positions.




* Riders must only join the circuit for their form up lap when instructed to do so by the Pit lane Marshal.

* Once the first Rider takes their position on the Grid the Pit lane entrance will be effectively closed. Riders who fail to take to the circuit before then will be made to start from the pit lane entrance when all riders on the grid have passed.

* All riders must make themselves aware of their qualifying position and their place on the grid. Where the circuit does not have a numbered grid, we will lay out numbered markers where possible just to the side of the grid position to enable the rider to identify their grid spot.

* In the case of a Junior MGP / JSM 90 Riders, we require one of the Parents or Team Member (wearing a Hi Viz Bib) to stand on the grid in the position their rider is to stop at. Once instructed they must clear the grid and return to behind the circuit barriers completely before the race can be started. Any delays caused by parents failing to clear the grid promptly will result in the race being shortened to maintain other classes available track time.

* If a rider finds another rider in their grid position they should hold their hand High in the air. The Grid Marshall will come and sort them into the correct position before giving the all-clear to the Flag Marshall.

* Once all riders are in the correct position the Grid Marshall will if necessary blow a whistle to signify that all parents/team members must clear the Grid. They will then signal the all-clear from the rear of the grid.

* The Flag Marshall will be positioned in the centre of the track in front of the grid. At the all-clear signal, he will hold start flag high in the air. Riders are then under starters orders.

* Once ready the Flag Marshall will then proceed to the side of the track with the flag still held high. At a time of their choosing, they will drop the flag to signify the start of the race.

* If a rider stalls on the grid they must stay in position and hold their hand up high in the air. They must remain on the bike until all riders have passed before attempting to push the bike clear or push start it. All Parents or Team members must stay clear of the grid until all the riders have passed the stricken rider for theirs and the other riders safety.

* JUMP STARTS. If a Jumpstart is reported by the Officials or other source it will be investigated post-race / meeting (depending on time available) by using the Start line camera. If the rider is deemed to have gained an advantage they will receive a minimum 15 sec time penalty to be added to their race finish time.




* GREEN – The track is clear racing can commence

* YELLOW & RED STRIPE – Rain, Oil or other substance is affecting adhesion on this section of the track.

* CHEQUERED BLACK AND WHITE FLAG – This flag will be waved at the finish line on track level to indicate the finish of race or practice session.

* STATIC YELLOW FLAG – When shown stationary at the flag marshal post this flag indicates danger ahead. No overtaking is permitted

* WAVED YELLOW FLAG – When shown waved at the flag marshal post this flag indicates that the danger is more imminent. The riders must be prepared to stop.  Overtaking is forbidden up until after the incident.  Any Infringement of this rule during a qualifying session will result in the cancellation of the time of the lap during which the infraction occurred. In case of infringement of this rule during the race, a time penalty will be imposed. In both cases, further penalties (such as fine – suspension) may also be imposed.

* RED FLAG – When the race or practice is being interrupted on instructions from the Clerk of the Course Red Lights and/or waved Red Flags will be displayed around the circuit. Riders must stop racing/practice and proceed as instructed by the Marshals. Any infringement of this rule will be penalised with one of the following penalties: fine – disqualification – withdrawal of Championship points – The red flag may also be used to close the track.

* BLACK FLAG – This flag is used to convey instructions to one rider only and is displayed motionless together with the rider’s number or when no number available pointed directly at the rider in question. The rider must stop at the pits at the end of the current lap and report to the pitlane marshall. In the case of a mechanical issue with the bike or riders kit this may be corrected and the rider can rejoin the race at the pitlane marshalls instruction. If the Black Flag was issued for any other reason the rider will be instructed to appear in front of the Clerk of Course. Any infringement of this rule will be penalised with one or more of the following penalties: fine – disqualification – withdrawal of Championship points – suspension



If a red flag is issued during a race the following will apply


* If less than 3 laps have been completed the race will be restarted from original qualifying positions and will run the race distance less 3 laps.

* If more than 3 laps, but less than 2/3rds Race distance has been completed the race will be restarted from race positions from the finish of the lap before the flag was issued and will run race distance less 3 laps.

* If more than 2/3rds race distance has been completed the race will be deemed finished and the positions taken from the crossing of the line before the flag was issued.

* If after a red flag incident the rider causing the flag to be issued cannot immediately be determined , the riders will be allowed to take their place on the grid and complete the race. After further investigation using the track side cameras and referring to officials the rider will be excluded and their points removed for that race




* Smoking within the Pitlane Holding area or on the Circuit is Strictly prohibited

* Each working vehicle and /or Awning in the Paddock should have a 2 Kg (minimum) dry powder fire extinguisher available for immediate use in the event of a paddock fire.

* A fire extinguisher will be available at the front of the Pitlane / Holding area and at all Marshall points.




* ALL the circuits we race and practice at are under increasing pressure to minimise the noise emmissions  and have in place a strict noise level. The BMB are now pro active in this field and have now enforced maximum noise levels for all bikes racing with us. This is in every bodies interests as failure to do so will lead to the loss of circuits to race at.

* The Clerk of the Course will disqualify any machine which exceeds the maximum permitted sound level, or which in his opinion is deemed to be excessively noisy.

* Noise limit in force for all machines is a maximum of 98db/A when tested track side / drive by and 105dB/A at a static test

* For static testing 4000 rpm will be used. The noise test will be conducted with the microphone placed at 1 metre from the exhaust pipe at an angle of 45° measured from the centre-line of the exhaust end and at the height of the exhaust pipe, but at least 20 cm above the ground. If this is not possible, the measurement can be taken at 45° The driver shall keep his engine running out of gear and shall increase the engine speed until it reaches the specified Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). Measurements must be taken when the specified RPM is reached. Due to the similarity of the piston stroke in different engine configurations within the capacity classes, the noise test will be conducted at a fixed RPM. For reference only, the mean piston speed at which the noise test is conducted, is calculated at 11m/sec (4-stroke engines).

* A machine which does not comply with the noise limits may be presented several times at prerace control.




* HELMETS – must have the latest ACU gold sticker or marked to comply with ECE 22.05 (the Euro equivalent). The helmet and visor must be in good condition and undamaged. If more than one helmet could or will be used during the meeting both must comply with these conditions and both must be presented for morning safety inspection.

* LEATHERS – Must be in good condition with no holes. Zips and fastening must work effectively and should be fitted with body armour and back protection. A separate back protector must be worn by all Junior riders and is highly recommended to be used by seniors also. Two Piece leathers can be used but must zip together correctly and be zipped together when riding.

* BOOTS – These must be full length (not ankle boots) and offer good protection with no holes or splits.

* GLOVES – These must be of good quality leather and fitted with adequate knuckle and wrist protection.

* BODY PIERCINGS AND RINGS ETC – It is recommended that all body piercing, studs, rings etc. are removed. Competitors are advised not to wear hand, face or body jewellery/piercings which could prove hazardous in the event of an accident. The mouth should be kept clear of anything likely to cause a blockage of the airway in the event of an incident, e.g. chewing gum. Long hair must be tucked inside the helmet/leathers at all times.

* Visors must be down at all times when on the circuit.

* Your helmet strap must be done up and any loose ends tucked in.

* Long hair must be tied away and must not be flowing out of the helmet. 

* All leather zips and fastenings should be done up securely and in the case of Two Piece types of leather they should be securely zipped up in the middle

* Gloves as boots must be secured fastened so they can not come off in the event of a rider sliding along the circuit.




* SIGNING ON – Please make sure that a Juniors Parent or the Legal Guardian signs the entry form and is present when handing in at race control.

* NOVICES – Unless a child of under 14 has a Race Licence issued by 1 of the 12 Department of Transport appointed Governing Bodies for Motorsport in the UK, or a proven track record with a recognised championship, they will be deemed as a novice. They must wear a HI VIZ bib. After each event competing as a novice, they must get their issued Novice Licence signed by the Clerk of the Course. After 5 signatures they will be deemed competent and issued with a full IOPD Race licence. They are then free to race as normal and no longer have to wear a HI VIZ bib etc.

* PARENT / TEAM MARSHALLING –  Due to the current issues with social distancing and infection control we will no longer be able to allow parents/team recovery marshalls trackside. Instead, we will nominate up to 3 parents/team members from the class to act as recovery marshalls.  They will be preselected before each round in rotation to make sure it is fair for everyone. They MUST be wearing a HI VIZ bib/vest, mask and gloves and should refrain from contact with the children unless absolutely necessary. Please remember you are there to help ALL Juniors not just your own rider.  They are NOT there to give signals and coaching to their own riders and should be concentrating on what is happening around them and not on other parts of the track. Except when recovering or aiding riders, they should maintain a distance of no less than 2 mtrs from the edge of the track. Parents / Team Members waving their hands around at the edge of the track and running from one side of the track to the other are 1) Distracting other riders as well as their own from concentrating on their riding and therefore creating a hazard. 2) Not Concentrating themselves on helping other riders that may have come to a halt or fallen in their designated areas. If a parent or team member repeatedly fails to observe the above their rider will not be allocated points.

* STALLING ON THE GRID – In the event, a rider stalls their machine before the start flag has dropped the rider must hold their hand high in the air. The grid Marshal will raise the flag at the rear of the grid to signal that the race should not be started. The nearest Nominated Recovery Marshall will restart the rider if possible. Once clear the start process will commence again. If the rider stalls at the start they MUST STAY ON THE VEHICLE and hold their hand high in the air. Parents/team members must not return to the grid but again the recovery marshall will attend to the stricken rider.

* In the event of an incident out on circuit the Parents or team must stay behind the circuit perimeter barriers at all times. Only the prechosen recover Marshalls can be trackside. If you run onto the circuit you can not only put yourself at risk but also the other children on circuit. We cannot release the medic vehicle or staff onto the circuit until we have stopped and contained all riders and circuit personnel. If you take to the circuit we now also have a care of Duty for you and cannot release the medic promptly. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in a penalty ranging from loss of points to exclusion from future events. 



From March 2020 onwards all Junior Riders will start the championship with 25 points.  We expect all of our riders, teams and parents to abide by all of our rules, regulations but especially those concerning their behaviour on and off the circuit and our social media policy.

We expect everyone to treat their fellow riders, teams, parents, marshalls and all race officials with respect at all times.

Failure by any member of your team (Rider, Persons Invited or Accompanying the Rider and Parents) to abide by our regulations etc will result in the Rider losing the 25 points – That will be your one and only warning, any future failure to comply will result in a ban for the remainder of the season and the removal of all the riders points from the championship table.




* Riders and their Family / Team Members must behave in a responsible and respectful manner at all times. Verbal or physical abuse of other riders, spectators, officials or other team members will not be tolerated.

* The riding of race machines outside of the track and holding areas is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at ALL TIMES. The only areas that a machine can be ridden in are the holding area and the track itself.

* The riding of Push Bikes, Cycles, Roller, blades and Scooters is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at ALL TIMES anywhere within the circuit boundaries (Paddock, Pitlane or Support Roads). Please do not bring them with you.