Rnd 3 Whilton Mill Running Order & Schedule

Rnd 3 Whilton Mill Running Order & Schedules

Please either save a copy to your phone or print off and bring with you.

We have full grids for both Pitbike Stock 140 and 160s and so will be splitting them into 2 groups. For practice and qualifying they will be split into Group 1 and Group 2. A list of which riders are in which group will be published here later today and also pinned up in race control Saturday & Sunday morning. Obviously where you qualify will determine which group you are in for the Races and again this will be published on the online results page and also pinned up in the club house after qualifying is complete. Please remember if you win Race 1 Group B you have the right to join the back of Race 2 Group A if you so wish but this isn’t compulsory.

You will see that during the Sighting Lap and Grid formation of the last race blocks we will be filming and broadcasting the Podium interviews Live. The Overall class results will be published online immediately after the 2nd race has been run so please check to see if you are a podium winner and then make your way to the clubhouse in plenty of time for your podium interview.

Pitbike Stock 140 and Stock 160  A and B grids have been swapped around from the normal running orders. This is to allow the overall round winners to be calculated before the Podium Interviews.


All start times are provisional and are subject to change due to incidents and matters beyond our control.


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