Becoming a Registered Member gives you all the following benefits.

  • YOUR OWN TRANSPONDER & IOPD  LICENCE -You will receive your very own Tag Heure Transponder which is pre programmed to your name and race number. This also saves you hiring a transponder on the day saving approx £150 per year. You will also receive your IOPD annual Race Licence
  • A VOTE ON ANY ISSUES OR CHANGES PLANNED  -As a Member you will have the chance to vote on any issues or changes planned for your classes and the championship in general. We are very keen to make sure the riders themselves have a big say in the championship.
  • REGISTER YOU CHOSEN RACE NUMBER FOR YOUR CLASS – You can choose a unique race number for your chosen class/s. This is then your number and cannot be used by other riders in those classes. 2016 Members have until January 21st 2017 to renew their membership and number registration. If you choose a number that has already been registered you will be notified within 10 to 14 days and asked to re choose.
  • NO QUEUING FOR RIDER SIGN ON Just download the event entry form (a link to this is on the entry confirmation email) after entering an event. Fill in and hand in at race control. You will no longer have to Que up and sign on in the morning on race day.


The cost of registering is £89.95 inc Tag Heure Transponder, holding clip and IOPD 2018 Licence. You will receive your 2018 password via email and collect your Transponder and Licence at your first event.

Membership applications for New Memberships will open on 15/01/2018 to allow existing members to renew their memberships and retain their registered numbers for 2018

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If you wish to renew your 2017 Membership


The cost of renewal is £39.99 You will receive your 2018 password via email and be issued with your IOPD Members Licence at your first event. Existing 2017 Members have until January 15th 2018 to re register their race number. After then the number will become available to other riders to register.

Click the link below and then go to enter an event, it will then give you the option to Renew your Membership.  .


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