Mini Bike Racing is probably the cheapest and easiest form of motorsport to get involved in.

Riders from all walks of life and age groups take part in the sport, from 6 years to ? well as old as you feel.

Depending on  age Riders have several choices:

6 to 10 years

Bambino Pitbikes (£750 new and race ready)

9 to 14 years

Junior Gearbox Pitbikes (£1000 new)

Junior Gearbox MiniGP ( £1300 new)

14 Years plus

Pitbike Stock 140cc  (£1,200 new and race ready)

Pitbike Stock 160cc  (£1,350 new and race ready)

Pitbike Open  (£1,200 upwards new and race ready)

Honda CRF 150 (£3,500 upwards new and race ready)

Mini Moto Senior A/C or Open (£1,500 upwards new and race ready)


Obviously second hand machines do come up from time to time which we will soon display in a “used race machines” section of the site.



You will also need the correct protective equipment Leathers (race suit if mini moto) Good quality Helmet with a BSI Kite mark, Boots (ankle boots if mini motos) and leather gloves. We would advise buying new if possible but all of these items can easily be found on ebay or similar for very little money.



Have a look on the  Test Tracks link you will find several Minibike friendly tracks along with the days and times they run practice sessions. Come along and meet some of the riders and see what the bikes etc look like. The riders will all be keen to help and give pointers towards which class to go for.

The British Minibikes organisers are riders themselves and are frequently found riding on track test days. Come along and meet the team and also the riders that race in the championship. We have a very friendly family orientated paddock that are more than eager to help newcomers with help, tips and advice. They may even buy you a coffee if your lucky 🙂

We also have Hire Bikes available which can be hired per session per test day or for a race event please see the Hire Bike Section for more details.