Well Rnd 3 of the Endurance League was how shall we put it – very soggy 🙂

Qualifying was run in torrential rain with Team Get Carter taking the Pole position.

The bad weather forecast put a lot of teams off but the 5 that made it had some fantastic racing in treacherous conditions. The race was started at 6pm with the traditional Le’ Mans style start on what was a very very damp track. The sun came out by 30 mins into the race and the track started to dry.  At 8:40pm it started to rain again but everyone out decided to stop on the same tyres. 2 teams on Slicks including the OAPs in Team Zimmer who were robbed of 4th place by a sneaky team Sniege Factory who had wisely stayed out on wets.

Team El Flamo Blanco managed to take the win this time around and closed the points gap on Stock Class Championship Leaders Get Carter.

Rnd 4 will be at the Fulbeck Circuit run over late afternoon on Sunday and I cant wait.

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and took part in what was a brilliant fun evening.

Overall Race Results

Championship Table to date


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