BMB Stretton Track Days

Stretton is where I first rode a pit bike, during one of their regular bike days on the last Sunday of the month. Stretton is one of the most welcoming circuits that we can ride at, this down to a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic staff.

Over the last few weeks the BMB have been in negotiations with Stretton, and it has now been agreed that to ensure the continuation of monthly track days there, the BMB will come in and support the bike days at the end of the each month by making them official BMB Track Days. Some dates have been moved so as not to clash with BMB Race Weekends but most will remain as the last Sunday of the month.

The calendar on the BMB website is being updated, and will be published soon, as well as events via the Facebook page. As these are official BMB Track Days, live timing will be available, as well as all the usual facilities and track support.

We hope to see you there!


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