2018 Veterans Class Format Members Vote now open

**** 2018 VETS CLASS FORMAT ****

Yes its that time of year again when the old codgers get to vote on what format their class will run for 2018 🙂

Last year it was voted that the class should be split into two separate sub classes scoring separate points.

1) Vets Stock (Stock 160 regs)
2) Vets Open (PB Open Class regs – Pitbike engine only)

This was to allow those with an Open class Bike to race in both The Open Class and The Open Vets Class should they wish to. However very few actually raced in the Open Class and stayed in the Vets Open only.

2017 Registered Vets Riders can now vote on what the format for 2018 will be.

Please visit the Members section of the website at the link below and register your vote. Voting will close at midnight 29th December.

Remember to only vote once as duplicate votes will be deleted which may result in all of your votes not counting. And also that you must be a 2017 Registered Vet Rider to be able to vote.

If you have lost the password for the 2017 Members Only Page please email me at info@britishminibikes.com and I will forward it to you.



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