2017 Rules & Regulations

The Organisers along with prominent suppliers and riders within the championship have been working very very hard on the revised regulations over the winter to try and make the rules as fair and concise as possible within the restrictions of what is a budget sport.

With the stock classes we needed to make sure that as far is possible we maintained the cost effective and inclusive fun element that has helped make our sport so popular over the last few years. We also had to try as far as possible to take into consideration the parts that were available and already used within these classes thereby not forcing people into having to replace parts etc and spend money needlessly.

The BMB Dyno is being refurbished and recalibrated by the manufacturers Dynostar and will be back with us on 13th March. We will then complete the testing on known stock engines and publish the maximum output allowed for each of the stock classes along with the maximum compression levels post race.

Its worth noting that these levels are NOT a bench mark to which you can tune an engine up to as the stock classes are just that and tuning is NOT permitted, but purely a policing tool for the scrutineers to use to try and identify possible rule infringements easily and effectively.

For 2017 we have a dedicated scrutineer team who will employ a random checking procedure over the weekend targeting not just front runners but also riders from the rear and midfield. Part of this procedure will be engine stripping as and when deemed necessary by the scrutineer.

Id like to thank the following for all their help and hard work and input into formulating these regulations.

Arron Parker of Parker Racing

Steve Carding of Super Lights

Glen Wilson of MP Racing

James Ansell from Gloucester Bike Specialists

Larry Frost

Mark Evans

Richard Beech

Darrel Jones

Matt Bolsover

and everyone else that’s been involved.

CLICK HERE for the 2017 BMB Rules & Regulations Page

I for one cant wait to get the 2017 season underway. Roll on GYG 🙂


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