2017 Endurance League Results RND 1 Fulbeck

The long awaited return of the Endurance League races  started off at Fulbeck last Saturday afternoon and what a fantastic start to the 2017 season it was.

Although rain was forecast we managed to to avoid it all. In fact qualifying and the first 2 of the 3 hours race itself were bathed in glorious winter sunshine.

These events are a huge amount of fun for all and allow friends, family or both to race together as a team. Allowing each team member to run their own bikes as a tag team event means there’s minimum ware and tare on the machines and with entry at just £80 per team means that a team of 4 are paying only £20 per head.

It was great to watch all the team members, family, friends and spectators all cheering on their riders thrashing around the track whilst watching the live timing on their phones and tablets. This adds an extra feature to the event as teams constantly swap and change positions throughout the race through  Pit Stops and incidents.

To keep the Entry Fees so low we run these events bolted onto track / test days which enables us with the kind help of the circuits involved to drive costs down. But as you have come to expect with the British Mini Bikes each Round is a fully Authorised & Permitted event with Medic and Marshall cover and all for just £80 per team !

I cant wait for Rnd 2 Stretton on Saturday Evening 29th April.  The late start at Stretton adds an extra dimension to the event as its Starts in daylight but finishes under floodlights.


Check out the qualifying and race results and Lap Data for the entire event here on our Results Page



Here’s an Onboard view of the start and the first few laps by Barry Prue from Team Zimmer.


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